Micah Bell

Many believers do not understand the purpose of deliverance or do not believe they could have unclean spirits within them.Hopefully,this short talk will offer some answers and revelation. (YOUTUBE LINK)

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So many are worshipping and fellowshipping with demons and do not realize what they are actually doing. Idols in our lives brings contact with demons. It is a form of worship. YOUTUBE LINK

False Prophets

Times like these cause people to be more susceptible to deception and lies. When so many are predicting and prophesying, there is danger of of such. Jesus warned there would be many false prophets, so beware. 

There are few individuals that are not affected by having someone born illegitimately in their family tree within the last ten generations. Praying about this could cause some breakthroughs in one's life.


Not only in times like these, but we always need the vital gift of discerning of spirits. Individual believers should and must have it as well as churches. Where there is no discernment, the enemy can easily do his dirty works.

The greatest tool and weapon of Satan is deception. It began in the garden and continues today. It is the influence of false prophets and teachers.

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