(How to tell if you have demons)

You may be asking, “How do I know if I have a demon?”

There are some obvious symptoms of demonic activity. Here are a few we’ve come to discern and know:


Lack of Control in Any Part of Your Life
Lack of control of what you think or do. If your emotions are out of control or you are addictive, you have a demon. The flesh has taken on a passenger that is now exercising you to want or do beyond your ability to stop.

Moods and Mood Swings
Emotional roller coasters, and/or depression are evidences of demons. Although medicine wants to attribute such to chemical imbalances, we have clearly seen that it is simply a choice of the will. We choose to receive a spirit into our life that provides the mood. (For more about this, we have a tape aboiut deliverance from depression.)

Living in the Past or Future
The church has been doing this. We hear and read so much about “when.” We live now, not “when.” There is no promise of tomorrow. If everything is for tomorrow, we may miss it. We have already missed what is past. What about today? Is there any victory today? Is there anything to praise God for now? Can we know and see God’s Hand today, or must we wait until the rapture or something else? Living in the past or future is demonic. It is the subtle work of demons in your life and in your mind.

Difficulty Maintaining Your Christian Walk
Having trouble praying, studying the Bible, praising or walking in the principles of God. Often stumbling and have difficulty doing the things that God calls you to do is evidence of the demonic working to hinder you. Every believer should be able and want to pray, study God’s Word, freely raise their hands and be clamorously foolish before God. One should be able to dance, sing and rejoice in the Lord without any limitations or self-consciousness. If you can’t, you need deliverance. If God wants me – no commands me – to be hallalling (which means to be clamorously foolish before Him) Him, then I should be free to do it. If I need to get on my knees or fall on my face or whatever I need to do in the presence of anybody I should be free enough in Christ to do it. If not, I need help.

Continual Defeat in External Areas of Your Life
Continual problems in finances, in family relations, in health, in possessions — indicates there’s a “booger” working. Where is this thing? It’s in you. Anytime we are conscious of what we’re doing or how we’re talking or what were saying, and we’re aware that something is not right, we’re discerning a demonic thing in our life — If I’m talking too much, what’s prompting me to do this? What is exercising me to do this? We are called to liberty and victory not such bondage! Wake up, Saint, it’s time to possess the land!


For a believer to realize he has demons and not get them out is a mockery. For a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ to see demons manifesting and let them remain is a travesty. For a pastor to tell me, ”My people need this,“ and then not provide it for them is more than a travesty to me. If I have the authority and power to set you free and you have any inkling at all of wanting free, and I don’t do it, I will answer to God. To whom much is given, much is required. It is not optional. People say, “I’m glad you have this ministry and not me.“ I say, ”You have it too! We all have it.”

We must respond to the authority and power with true desire, not need. We know that people need it, but do they want it? Do I want it? God help us find those who want it and God deliver us from those who don’t. I personally don’t want to walk with those who refuse deliverance, because they can’t trusted. Eventually the demons will get between us.

If you are still struggling with this, I challenge you to honestly and sincerely get before God and say, “Lord show me.”

He will.