Micah Bell

The greatest tool and weapon of Satan is deception. It began in the garden and continues today. It is the influence of false prophets and teachers.

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The Lord teaches our hands to war and we must learn warfare if we are to be victorious as believers. There are no exceptions and there is no other way.

The Good Fight

There is fighting that is good. It's the fight of faith. Not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual powers and entities. The Kingdom of God is entered with much tribulation and fighting!

Stright Talk About Demons

After almost two months of prayer, fasting and seeking, the Lord has not only reaffirmed my commission to major on deliverance, but also to bear down even more in these last days. This talk is about sharing my heart for the great need of New Testament deliverance for the remnant of God's people.

Hidden Demons

I was forty years of age before I discovered I had demons in me. During my first ministry of deliverance, I lost control of myself due to the many that were in me and had been me for most of my life. What a wonderful difference I felt after this first experience of having demons cast out of me.

Everyone has hidden demons and should seek to get them out.

You Can Do It

With the baptism in the Holy Spirit comes spiritual power. We are not only endued with this power, but also given authority to execute it. We can and should use what has been given to us to destroy the works of the Devil.

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